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The Naumburg Master

About mid-13th century, an itinerate sculptor, probably being an architect as well, built a masterpiece that is without equal in the world – the west choir of the Naumburg Cathedral. He appears to be one of the most important master builders in medieval Europe.

The master himself, his name and origin have been remained obscure until these days. He is known as the Naumburg Master.

He probably began his occupation at the Reims Cathedral in Northern France. Several works, for example in Coucy, Noyon, Metz, Iben, Bassenheim, Mainz and Merseburg have outlasted, and allow following his life and journeys.

The peak of his craft, the west choir of the Naumburg Cathedral, has survived together with the figure relief on the western rood screen, representing Passion of Christ, and the twelve donor figures as a part of the interior works of art. The most well-known is the couple Margrave Ekkehard II of Meissen and his wife Uta von Ballenstedt.

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Naumburg Master



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