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Naumburger Meister Markt
(Market of the Naumburg Master)

During those days, the unique garden of the Naumburg Master will be the venue of distinct craftspeople from our region and beyond. We would be very glad to invite visitors from far and wide to this event.

Outstanding creativity and innovation as well as careful handwork feature their craftsmanship and the products shown. Some of the craftsmen and -women are going to present their trades on the ground, and visitors’ questions are very welcome.

Among others, the following crafts will be represented on the “Naumburger Meister Markt”: textile fabrics, woodwork and wooden toys, glass design, leather goods, dolls and puppets, earthenware and pottery, floral art, felting, candle making, jewellery, illustrating and works on paper, brush making and stone sculptors.

Get yourself treated to some fine food, and enjoy local delicacies like cheese, various potato dishes, herbs, jam and honey, coffee and a variety of cakes and pies, ice cream, wine, and Mediterranean specialities.

Of course, even our little guests will find lots of attractions. They can have their faces painted, and try their own skills with several join-in activities.

On the two market days, there will be live music to entertain you.

We are looking forward to seeing you then.

Sabine und Sven Härtel



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